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American Realness: Ann Liv Young mermaid madlibs

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Shamu – Sea World

***To do the madlibs, cut and paste all of the *** words and fill them in in order of appearance.***

Those who sit in the “splash zone” at Sea World should expect to get (***past tense verb***), much like those who come to an Ann Liv Young (***noun***). I was game for it last Saturday night and showed up ready to (***verb***) my love for all things oceanic in a preview performance of Young’s Mermaid Solo. But a number of opinions stood between me and a mermaid (***compound noun***). For example, the belief that a work should be (***any number above 0 and below 101***)% completed before offering a preview performance to a paying audience. Or that it is (***adjective***) to require all members of the audience to sit on the floor without a chair, regardless of physical difficulties due to age or disability. And there are tons of (***positive adjective***) reasons to try on a costume before any given performance.

So yes, the performance was marred by difficulties with the costume (a gorgeous tail created by The Mertailor) and the sound. I insisted on believing, until proven otherwise, that the technical difficulties were an intentional part of the show, because it seemed like there would have been a mere (***number between 5 and 15***) minutes of content had there been no technical problems. The sailors and other assistants for Mermaid Solo deserve a loud (***congratulatory exclamation***), especially Steven Luka, who was engaged in a tug-of-war with Young and the microphone with all his might. The most (***adjective***) moment was an illustrious dance maven erupting in giggles as a half-eaten raw fish was (***verb, past tense***) her way. Sadly the best aspect of the performance was equally as fleeting, but for a few moments, there was an atmosphere of charged potential, teeter-tottering with real uncertainty in the air, as we all wondered what the (***expletive***) was going to happen next. As the minutes ticked away, that question was replaced by another: does the emperor have any clothes?

Written by wideningthei

January 12, 2011 at 2:30 am